Shoot the Sun

July 29, 2012
By Anonymous

They say to breathe in, breathe out,
But never mention choking.
So many words burning in my mouth,
My tongue is smoking.
Maybe the fire will be smothered
If I keep my mouth shut,
Just press my lips closed—
It sounds easy, but
If I want to be honest,
I want to release the fire
And see the forest aflame
In a relieving hot pyre.
The vibrant orange and red—
A beautiful spirit, the fire—
I’ll laugh away my sanity
As I see the flames get higher.
The manic joy won’t last long, I know,
Because there’s still the smoke to breathe
And I’ll be choking all over again,
But it will all be worth it, I believe.
The fire I started might kill me in the end,
But you’ll all remember me
When you look to that horizon line
And a flickering orange stain you’ll see.
You’ll see.

The author's comments:
My first "real" poem that was inspired by repressed feelings.

(I never claimed to be good at poetry. At all.)

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