Sweet Little Whispers

July 27, 2012
Sweet Little Whispers
Hear the Children cry
See them slip into a dream
that never says goodbye
Sweet Little Whispers
Its all a Lie you see
Never play with someone who can break you an the seams
Scared Little Boy
Why don't you ever Listen?
Didn't Momma tell you not to start what you cant finish?
Scared Little Boy
Don't break your heart for me
Ill spill you're blood and make you're mind completely obsolete
Whats that you say?
I'm just another girl?
I'll rip your heart out and make you one with the world.
Whats that you say?
you're sorry, you're my regret?
Honey its too late, you should've thought of that.
Come a little Closer,
I'll show you just what i mean.
You're just an arrogant little boy who only wishes he had me..

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