Point of View

May 17, 2008
By witney moore, Summerville, GA

If you look out on the ocean blue

And see nothing else but you than you know your you
But if you lookout
And see a place oh-so very far away
Then you know your mind is in a dreary, dreary place
A place of robbery, murder, and crime
Then you know life’s fully mind
How you look at it’s how it goes
No matter which way another goes
Someone’s always on your toes
You may fall
But someday a voice will lightly call
You up to see all the destruction
Then bam it hits you
Your life starts coming down around you
No one can stand to be around you
You finally notice you ruined your life
But it’s not too late
You have one last cry
To say your sorry in a world full of critics
You fill your mind bursting
And you finally see that your life is yours
And not that of the below
The below of darkness, frustration, and fear
Where everyone is scared to near
So then you take the path away
So you can have another sunny, day
Full of butterflies
And rainbows that stretch
You’ll go to a place
Somewhere deep into the sky
Where everyone is happy and laughter never, dies

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