Nothing But a Love To Wait

May 2, 2008
By vicky thao, Oshkosh, WI

The guy I hope I can have,
The guy who I can kiss,
The guy who has a sense of humor,
The guy who loves me for me,
Te guy who could only look at me,
And no one else,
Even if a Jesssica Alba walks by,
And don't turn around,
To see her,
But instead stare at my brown eyes,
It pains me,
if he isn't real,
Who I'm dreaming,
I would just do anything for a love,
I see in my heart,
I could just feel it,
It is getting closer,
The feeling is intense,
this is call love,
But I'm clueless,
How to find him,
You mystery man,
Come find me,
If it's you,
I'm here waiting for only you,
I request!

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