FEAR and Nightmares at Night

May 1, 2008
By margarita vargas, Denver, CO

Fear, fear you’re not my friend
Fear fear you are the end
Fear is everlasting,
Fear is everywhere,
Defensive to the entire world
Scare is a feeling or emotion?
Fear you cannot see
You cannot 'smell' Fear Or 'taste' Fear
You can't 'hear' Fear you canot 'touch' Fear
but Everyone has Fear
When you cannot Touch, Smell, Taste or Hear Fear
Why scared of something that does not exist
Dreams unknown
What do they mean? Don’t know?
Scared of a spider why?
You scream why?
Why scare. Are we born with fear?
Or you develop it?
Can we do something funny instead?

Scare of the dark, in every shadow a monster
The trees shaking with the wind
Is it the myths that they tell you or is it your imagination that scares you?
Knees getting weaker and weaker, hands shaking and sweaty, goose pumps and chills all over your body why? Maybe is a funny monster
Why fear?
If they put a snake next to a baby would you think he could get scared, or you’ll teach him to be scared?
Do your parents teach you fear?
With their facial expressions
Are you your parent’s mirror?
When did you fell at the floor did you start cry? Why?
Because your mom said “oh my god are you ok’’? And start to cry because she said it in a sad way
Is it your parent’s fault that you are scared of things in a short age?
Or your parents avoiding that you get hurt
Or they rather tell you lies so than you can go to sleep faster and obey your parents

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