Financial Literacy Poem

July 21, 2012
By MoMo951 BRONZE, Prospect Park, New Jersey
MoMo951 BRONZE, Prospect Park, New Jersey
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After high school we go our separate ways.
Some end up pregnant, while others relive their glory days.
In order for us to be at the top, we first go to college and then we get loans.
There wouldn’t be a problem if we paid on our phones.
ATM’s are always a help because when we need quick money, it’s at an arm’s reach.
Spend a little here, spend a little there, we spend more when we get to Miami Beach.
The economy is like a roller coaster.
This rhyme is so sick; the English department is going to relive the 1800s with our faces on a poster.
When we make it rain, it’s a flood.
Our kids are going to have it in their blood.
The Empire State can’t compare with Robin’s payroll.
His girl Gaby comes with a wand and turns them haters into a fat troll.
Guillermo wakes up knowing that everything is alright with his credit.
His voice is funny, but no worries there’s no cure because Microsoft Word can’t edit.
The IRS gives us extra days to pay our taxes.
We go to the gym and pay our girls’ bikini waxes.
It took three minutes to say this rhyme.
We’ll look back and give you guys a dime.

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