Remember Me

July 19, 2012
By MonicaFonica BRONZE, Austin, Texas
MonicaFonica BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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You do not need to change for this world.

Remember me. I am Ruth Freund Reiser. I called Czechoslovakia my home. Taken out of school and stripped of my identity. Forced to give up all I had. I could no longer be myself. A normal life for me was long over. Like an invisible soul I was left in a ghetto. Now shipped off to a camp my end seemed near. I was smart, smart enough to avoid being gassed for as long as I did. God decided he wanted me to live and he chose to spare me and send me to Lenzing. I survived the Holocaust. Please remember me and my undying life.

The author's comments:
Assigned to write a poem on a holocaust victim in the eight grade and turned out i liked what i wrote. here it is.

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