Running Through the Thoughts

July 18, 2012
By Movienut1996 BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
Movienut1996 BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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She has the looks, the smile, the presence
to make men sacrifice their essence.
She's the one running through the thoughts in my mind
that one special girl, she's one of a kind.
With that long hair, the color of grain
she drives me wild, completely insane.
With those beautiful blue eyes brighter than the brightest sapphire
I woulld stay with her when times become dire.
We're there for each other, best friends until the end
but I want her to know, I want to know I want to be more than a friend.
A friendship broken by movement, years passed, then it was mended
Into love's curse, I have been apprehended.
That girl from third grade has grown so much
Cupid has my heart, tight in a clutch.
She shall remain nameless for my own sake
But I know what i feel is real, not fake

The author's comments:
A girl that came back into my life a few months ago after not seeing her for years. We are now best friends again

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