Will it Change?

July 8, 2012
By Cheyanne Sigsworth SILVER, Deer Park, Wisconsin
Cheyanne Sigsworth SILVER, Deer Park, Wisconsin
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She sits in her room, with the door shut
Music on, lights off, and she's alone
There's going to be a change, but what
She just wants to be in her own zone

So many things go through her mind
Most of it, doesn't make sense
She can't stand to let her life go blind
It's all starting to hide behind a small fence

She sits in complete silence
Tears running down her face
Hoping that there won't be any violence
She just wants to get out of this place

She would rather have her way
It all is starting to come together
Nothing can take her dream away
She's been feeling this way forever

Why can't it all just stop
Might as well just say bye
Letting her face drop
She will continue to cry

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece from a favorite song of mine...Concrete Angel :)

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