because he was there

July 17, 2012
By Anonymous

She never done anything wrong
And when she sang that beautiful song
There was no one to listen, no one there
Except for herself with her long wavy hair

She was all alone with nothing to do
She started to cry well… wouldn’t you?
Shed climb up the old abandoned tree
To feel the breeze, to feel so free

Shed adore that graceful sight
And sing to the stars shining bright
So when shed here the howl to the moon
It gave her that hope, shed be rescued soon

It was uncomfortable to sleep through the night
Up in the tree in that height
And there in the distance a man was standing
The day before he heard her cry and sing

Her tiny tears would slide down her cheek
And when she spoke her voice would squeak
There nothing to express the joy he had brang
But because he was there, for him she sang


The author's comments:
I'm glad he was there

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