Who is God?

April 4, 2008
By David Whitney, New York, NY

Who is god?
Is he watching us all,
Is he ready for a praise or a call,
Is he big, skinny, short, or tall.
There's so much we don't know,
About what is out there in the unknown.
If only i could speak to him, maby by phone,
Is he sweet, does he have a nice tone?
Who is god?
is he good, is he bad,
does he want to make me sad?
It seems that way god because you see,
You took my mom and she is no longer free,
She is a worshiper 24/7,
No longer with a mind of her own,
I feel like she is so alone,
so god do you care?
If i could i would give you a stare,
Bring you down here,
Look you in the eye,
and ask you why?

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