Broken Heart

July 30, 2008
By Tory McClintock, Arlington, WA

I have no tears left to shed
until I lie, asleep in bed
when I think of what you've done.
For, in this joke, there is no pun.

My heart is torn and shattered.
My mind, destroyed and scattered.
And then there's you, without a soul
You, who's heart's a lump of coal

You, who stabbed my heart again and again
Until it could no longer stand the pain
Who didn't answer when I cried
who never came, no matter how I tried.

You, the one who started this all
who played with me like a girl's toy doll.
The monster who ripped and devoured my soul
Who, within my Heart, created a hole

Which sucked up all my hopes, my dreams
into a darkness where no sunlight beams
and tore the memory of love away
until nothing was left to this very day.

My friends and family, they worry for me.
For, with nothing left, where would I be?
I go through my daily tasks and chores
With not but a lump within my core.

A lump of cold fury, a thirst for revenge
my heart, soul, and mind, I would avenge.
I'd do to you what you did to me
then maybe, just maybe, I'd finally be free.

Free from you, my father, my dad
Who once was good, but now is bad.
Who, once, I loved, but now I hate.
Who, once, was wonderful, loving, and great.

You, who once tucked me in at night.
Who, never once, got in a fight
with me, your daughter, your precious blood.
You always were, my father, my bud.

The author's comments:
I wrote this at midnight or so, right around the time my father ran off on me. He said he was going crazy and then he strted doing all sorts of drugs and drinking, and cheating on my step-mother. He even tried to committ suicide a couple of times. All of this caused me so much pain and sorrow. I just started writing my feelings about it onto paper.

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on Aug. 8 2008 at 12:59 am
This poem really blew me away. It seemed so real and I could feel that. I'm really sorry about your dad but girl I've got some news for you, you have extreme talent. Don't give up... =]


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