July 14, 2012
By Ventress BRONZE, Enid Ok,, Oklahoma
Ventress BRONZE, Enid Ok,, Oklahoma
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The everlasting that stays beyond his touch, beyond her kiss the one only Death can truly satisfy her smile, his laugh, his smile, and his sweet, soft eyes. But none of that can stop her pain, she’s here but he is gone their young story still hanging on threads, when she sleeps or even closes her beautiful eyes all she sees is his haunting face. With her true love gone, she tries to uncage herself with hope of him returning someday, with shocking news of his sight back in the town she runs to find hope is slowly lost. His body is being wheeled up he is returned, another women before she got to ran up to the body. A beautiful skinny girl, everything she hoped to be, she ran up as the tears started to flow. She sits on the steps and watches all the memories brake, he has fulfilled the purpose he had. She other woman cries and calls him her baby, it’s hurts her but I watch her sit on the steps in one of his sweatshirts crying into her knees as the body is burning slowly.

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