Passing Shadows

July 14, 2012
By Beatrice Preti BRONZE, X, New York
Beatrice Preti BRONZE, X, New York
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The air was still – I walked alone
Amid the weed-rid cobblestone
‘Twas summertime, yet lights were dim
Besetting shadows grisly grim
My eyes were worn, my feet had failed
Afore I saw the scarlet veiled
Yet when my legs would no more stand
The shadows turned, and grasped my hand
And spoke some words, in tongue most strange
To lead my ears and mind derange
For when the grasp lost its control
The spirit whole the shadow stole
And cross the seas and skies transversed
Beholding sorrow sole dispersed
I sought to seek what hearts hold true
Though eyes refuse to thoughts construe
For painful is to live a lie
Where hate and fear as one ally
To haunt the paths of souls misled
Through tales of terror silent tread

But still as shadows caught by day
The velvet breaks to mourning grey
And casts a light on all it sees
As if the hungered earth to tease
For never still the beams remain
All sunsets brush the windowpane
A cycle, yes - for never straight
To follow and to desecrate
The souls within who addled dwell
Upon a whispered shadow cell
And chase a circle to the end
Beyond what I can comprehend

And now, here at the close of day
When shadows seem to lose their way
The thoughts across my mind hold fast
To promises which never last
And though the night falls faster still
My soul receives a gentle thrill
From passing peace the night shall bring
The close of day may softly ring

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