Amber-Edged Princess

July 30, 2008
By Renee Taylor, Medina, OH

Dive into silk
Ice-absorbing cloth
A spider’s web, catching miniature royalty.
Like something to be cherished, damsel,
Like bloodstreams,
Sufficient feeding Spider King.
She is prey.
Never tangled,
Never tied,
Never trapped,
In deceiving lies.
Gracefully lying in a death trap,
Tranquil, steady heart.
Dusty and contaminated, she tires of this game.
Jump back into life,
Trailing broken bits of web,
Glittering like Christmas trees,
With mummified insect corpses for ornaments.
Dance and twirl, never breaking,
Black-smoked, amber-edged faerie princess,
Amber-sepia pollutants flaking
Away, away,
Floating away, glowing bullets,
As they flash away,
Shooting the very stars down in the sky,
Raining down upon this reborn faerie.
From the Spider King’s web.


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