Hopeless Dreamer

July 13, 2012
Once upon a time, a little redheaded girl,
Sits and dreams of a bigger world.
The world where everyone gets along,
The world where a boy could do no wrong.
Her heart wasn't shattered, and not much mattered,
but what worries do you have when you're five?
Some years have passed, she's getting older,
Her heart's no longer one, it's getting colder.
A boy came along, seemed to be a fine young man,
Until the day, he broke her heart and ran.
Cute and sweet, he waited on her hand and feet,
then a new b*tch came along and stole her seat.
She was left there stranded on a deserted road,
With hands still shaking, her body froze.
This poor girl was so in love,
With a boy who never though she was enough.
She changed for that boy, and he never stopped to wonder,
What would happen if she ended up six feet under.
That's right, I said it, she could've been dead,
But from a broken heart, and a f*ck*d up head.
Why would she choose to sit at home and cry,
When she could've gone out, and met another guy?
Maybe this girl was really in love..
Or maybe that dream was just a part of growing up.

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