The proditor.

July 30, 2008
You've fallen into the temptation,
I told you I wouldn't ever speak to you again.
You weren't aware that My promise was aeviternal,
You weren't aware of your agnosy.
I've made it more than clear to you That I'm ready for my decession,
It's something I've been ready for, since the beggining of this dystopia,
You just haven't felt all the hurt that I have,
You're just someone that suffers from analgia.
You've become feelingless.
You've entered this world of hysteria, You don't know when to stop,
You talk about all this betrayal, your whole life story,
If you listened for once, you'd hear how much of a hypocrite you've become,
You've turned yourself into what you speak of, You're now the only proditor.

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