freedom of speech

July 29, 2008
By KellyAnnnn PLATINUM, Middle Island, New York
KellyAnnnn PLATINUM, Middle Island, New York
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Face to face.
Fist to fist.
The fight never dies down.
Everything kept down,
deep down low.
Bottled up inside.
That is the healthiest thing
if I am to live my life.
The pain it brings me, no one knows.
No one cares.
They continue their lives.
Day by day. Painless to themselves.
No one can imagine the suffering
of nothing ever being good enough.
It can't get better. Never.
Never will i get a break.
Never will i speak my mind.
This simple facade is just that
a mask.
A lie developed to isolate the pain
to my own heart.
To eat my soul. Me, the host.
freedom of speech is a charade.
A whisp of air that means nothing.
No one can truly speak free.
No one notices their limits until
they have been crossed.
This is I, never to truly speak free.
never to experience freedom of speech.

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