I Miss You

July 13, 2012
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I miss you. I miss all the times we had. 
Some good but most of them bad.
I miss the secrets we shared. 
I miss how you showed me that you actually cared. 
But now it's time too make a new life. 
I have to get used to the fact that you might make somebody else your wife.
That you are no longer the same.
That unfortunately this is not a game. 

I've come to realize that you are not reliable. 
That you can't be all that flexible. 
Still I miss you. I miss all the things we used to do. 
I miss how you used to tell me nothing but the truth.
Even though I was still in my youth.

Can't believe that everything is happening so fast. 
Thought that you and mom were going to last.
I've tried to make things right. 
I've tried with all my might.
That however didn't matter. 
When you finally left, my heart went pitter patter. 
Still I miss you. 

I was hurt. I was depressed. 
For a while I felt a little oppressed. 
There is a part of me that is now gone.  
There was a part of me that almost thought that this was one big con. 
Even though you did all this....I stay strong and maybe..... eventually...... i'll be in bliss. 
Still I miss you. 

Now I get angry, whenever I see things, that remind me, of what you used to be. Maybe in time, I can forgive you and set you free. 
When I was little, you picked me up whenever I fell. 
You picked me up, even when I couldn't tell. 
I thought that this was what you wanted. 
A place to be, with my brothers, my sister, my mom and me. 
You proved me wrong.
You've now been gone for so long. 
Still I miss you. 

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