Can't really tell a real smile from a forced one, now can you?

July 29, 2008
By Teresa Manzo, HIALEAH, FL

I've brought myself into this place,
I am no longer the brood,
I've become nothing but a mere eccedentesiast,
Can't really tell the difference, now can you?

I thought This was a place where one Should feel safe,
Almost like school,
But what good is it, when there is dippoldism taking place?
One can never trust, One Must learn.

Your reflection means so much to you, Anyone would conccur,
Your shadow Just hid me behind all this vanity, while you were preparing me for the worst,
I have become maledicent, you've done you're job.
I'll learn to keep my ears clogged next time.

And what If all this was Just in your favor?
We've all Noticed the matronolagnia,
When of course, you used one to get to the other.
You've taught me well,
Now I'll do my part, and never love again.

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