Can and Can't

July 29, 2008
By Ai Tien Le Pham, Can Tho, ZZ

He can sing
He can dance
And he can be in a famous film
But he can’t be you!

She knows French and Chinese
She can play the piano, she can draw beautiful pictures
And everybody loves her
But she can’t be you!

They’re so wonderful
They’re superstars
But they can’t be you
No ,no ,no !They can’t!

You can make everyone laugh
Sometimes you swim
Sometimes you pratice taichi , too
And everybody can’t be you !

Is your name a flower , a star , a color ,…?
You can shine!
And everybody can’t be you!
Because you’re yourself .

The author's comments:
I'm 11 years old and I make this poem because I know each individual is a special gift God sent to the earth and all I want to tell you is you're wonderful and don't try to be another person's copy.

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