I Don't Breath Like I Used To

July 29, 2008
By Victoria L., Laketapps, WA

Bit by bit I fall away
Until what’s left I can’t explain
I’m crumbling today

Piece by piece I lose myself
Soon I will become just a shell
I’m disappearing today

Day by day life drags on
Sounds of life become a soothing song
I’m listening today

Memory after memory it hurts
Thinking becomes a curse
I’m sinking today

Tear by tear I let go
Some days I ache with sorrow
I’m crying today

Thump by thump my heart changes its beat
Something new is becoming
I’m changing today

Breath by breath I continue to live
Some days it’s good to be alive, others I feel like I could die
And today, I’m not breathing like I used to.

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