Do Dreams Come True?

July 29, 2008
By Kendra Nerad, Saint Ansgar, IA

As I look up and see the sky, trees, and the lands
I try to get free from where I am
I squirm and before I know it
I am free!
Since I can control my own direction
I choose to go down
Down to all of the tall colorful grass
I am shivering cold
But I don't care anymore
When I close my eyes
I feel that I can fly and do anything
An excitedly shiver drives through my body
As I wander to my left
I lead myself to someplace dark
I look around a little closer
I find that I am in a scary cave
But not scary enough to make me leave
Not scary enough to end my adventure
Not scary enough to send me on my way home
But it is scary enough to make me wonder
When I look up I see.....
Bubbles, bubbles floating
Up and away from my mouth
They float like baby jelly fish
Learning how to swim in there new home
In the big blue Oceans
I am to where it has gotten so dark
I can't see a single thing

But black
I feel something touching my toes
Like a tiny mouse walking across them
I reach down to see what it was
Is it a Fish?
Or a crab?
It was a long snake
It had followed me
All the way through the rocks and long grass
I try to rush away as fast as I could
But it tends to follow me where ever I go
I leave the cave
Not knowing where the snake had gone
I am out now
There’s no snake
So I am safe
It is so bright outside of the cave
I can now see clearly
It is so relaxing and calm
The strong wind blows me away
I get pushed to a beaver
A beaver carrying a part of a tree
I am at a dam now
And towards my right is a beautiful waterfall
There are wonderful birds
I start walking to the waterfall
But it was gone once I got there
I lay down on the grass
I see the waterfall and birds and beavers again
I think that I was dreaming
I wake up to a room
A room that is blue
I am home and happy
I decide to go back to sleep
And I am gonna dream on some more...
And hope that my dream will come true
Just as I want it to

The author's comments:
I have no clue what had inspired me to write this, I thnk it was because I had totoally forgot to wirte a poem for school one day, so I so I started to write about me dreaming and I got to writing this poem.

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