Luxor Cycle

July 11, 2012
Approaching The Temple

Behind the walls of the inscribed Luxor temple I read
Of the eternal rhythms abounding in Imperial Thebes
Where the forever enduring Hapi Inundations of life
Crested in the thousand gated cosmopolis of the king
Even when the golden falcon flies in the barren of the night

Blind Guide Dogs Unworthy of Anpu

Amidst the captive symbols and stony speech
My false teachers see only lies of red haired Rameses
wielding his subjugating animal cult fetishes
Robbers of damned Egypt’s sacred caverns
the existential nakedness of man is what they relish

Awakening of the Holy Perceptions

What is a man that leans upon a bundle of senses?
A confused animal in a sea of disorienting experiences.
Above a river of sewage worthy debasement

under a flickering neon sky in perpetual churn

My true dormant soul feels eros and begins to burn

The Intelligence of the Heart Speaks

“Your nurse Nature is the mirror of the intelligible Neters
Symbolque messages break common language fetters
Within the three kingdoms of transmutable mortals
are the embodied children of primal cosmic consciousness
A Pharaonic instruction toward the prenatural’s portal”

Opet Festival

Coming forth from the holy naos of Lord Amun
A procession of the barque toward the Southern Harem
The feast of the vulture goddesses milk and nectar
Consummates in this stoney human vessel
the lunar Dauphin is given his spectre


The moon child is adored by hierophant hands
and coronated as the lord of the two lands
Materialized child, you must arise and fight
demons of isfet that will roam in the age of night
illuminate the righteous servants with your silverlight

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