July 29, 2008
By meaghan mahoney, Shirley, NY

Some day’s are mister then other’s. how long till the fogs clear her street’s? little Abby she sits on the curb and just breathes. Why’s the world the way it is? She puts her knee’s together her arms touch and her head lye’s in her hand’s. little Abby you look so blue, don’t you know car’s are passing you. Don’t you see the lights capturing the sun. they reflect their color’s on your face. Little Abby sits and just waits. Passer’s stare and think to themselves, what a young thing , how beautiful she is , Abby get up and stand tall. Yet Abby sits and lets the car’s pass. Let’s her watchers stare and laugh. Beautiful is only skin deep, Abby you have to reach. No motion her body is hunched. I know the sidewalk is safe , and stopping is understood but there is an odd you may beat. You’ll just have to arise and get off the street. One foot after the other and walk with perseverance and pride in your steps. Young girl their’s hope yet.

The author's comments:
this is a peom i wrote i tittled it "abby".we all have that feeling of lost hope and i know that it takes alot of effort to conquer it.

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