July 29, 2008
By Ashley N. Newman, St. Johnsbury, VT

We look into the beyond
With no knowledge
Of what is there,
We will only go in,
If we dare.
We try no to get too close
Not wanting to feel imposed,
For the losses we may endure
It still hurts your heart and makes it sore.
The clock is ticking,
And you keep on missing,
You are worried for the time,
It may be almost up,
Nothing can help,
Not even your mind.

Not knowing when it will happen,
You sink into an abyss,
Of fragmented emotion,
Not knowing when the beyond will come for you.
Scared of going into the beyond,
And not living your life,
Your wasting your time,
And letting it come to you,
 You won’t stand up a fight.
For you can go into the beyond at anytime,
Maybe even willing,
But sooner or later your going to have to..........

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