Sung Words

July 29, 2008
By Aman Basra, Delta, British Columbia, ZZ

because you sang these words

words that bind this thing-our thing-

called love

knotted together in words

is memories of this thing-our thing-

called love

your voice sends me back to those nights

under glowing stars, our feet side to side

in the midst of the sand

moonlight glistening in your oceanic blue eyes

with my hand tightly in yours

this thing-our thing-of a midnight walk

now of the past

the music leads to dawn

when you rose from bed to go for a run

thinking you left behind a dormant me

out you went while I came behind

the moment of surprise resulted in your smile

a repetitive action of every morning

never failed to entertain,

supplemented with a message;

me never leaving you.

attached were your words that reaped this thing-

our thing-called love

But now broken apart

because you sang these words...

you sang these words...

you sang...

of this thing-our thing-called love.

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