Killing in the Name of

July 29, 2008
By Rachel Kohrumel, Lawrenceville, GA

Silent cries for pity
Seeking sweet revenge
Voices escape the locked innocent lips
Speaking mere pleas of liberation
Withdraw your gun from its holster
Aim and pull the rusty trigger
BAM! the enemy shot in the leg
Weary souls with sunken faces march by the dozens
Hollow sockets void of eyes
Testifying in baffled confusion
Uttering their throatless cries
Witnessed all from behind the trees
Speechless as they come
Muffled tones fill bare silence
Ambling forward with heavy footing
Making way to the core of disaster
All their weight striking the ground mercilessly
A stir in the hills draws a crowd
Awakens the folk; the forsaken ones
For the killing in the name of

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