July 29, 2008
By Dario Blanc, North Miami, FL

If i were to describe society today in 3 words disorder,dismay,destruction.pepole forget everyones the same inside racism is
everyones blame to take no need to fake we should embrace it and try to make it better.
sterotyping cant be taking lightly either just because the color of a persons skin dosent mean gonna rob you
we must let go of this throbing rage we must resolve this we gotta ease
this pain that..s caged in our mind
with pain comes time with time more crime
i wonder though where did all the love go
now for a problem our world face..s

we drill the earth for black gold

our hearts corrode from the money we hold so close when will the truth be told
our world chokes from second hand smoke
thats okay though we still like to drive
standard cars anyway.lets all grab a seat and wacth the world cry with defeat
the worlds demise lies within our hand...

The author's comments:
Taking a go look around insipred me to write this piece

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