Caged then Free

July 29, 2008
By Siedah Williams, Jackson, TN

I feel like a caged in bird.
My insecurities are the bars.
The metal is made of disappointments.
My wings have been broken by love.
I no longer have flight.

But one day I see the sun.
And decide to take off my bandages of doubts.
I pray and believe.
My tears cleanse and heal my wounds.
I let out a beautiful sound of hope.
Of determination.
Of love, of myself.
My wings begin to feel so strong.
So new.
So full of flight.
And hope.
And life.
My bars, my cage it crumbles.
Along with the pitiful insecurities.
And the disappointments.
And the thing pretending to be love.
I fly away.
No longer caged in.
Now free.
And my newness begins.

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