July 12, 2012
By FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
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Happiness can be found even in the most darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the lights

Everyday, I think of you. 
Everyday I think of what could have been the truth. 
You thought you could show people someone that wasn't there. 
You thought you could show us, that you really truly cared. 

You've said your apologies and we thought you meant every word. 
Once that occurred I thought I was back to being your one and only little girl.
However later on, we discovered that we were fooled. 
There was another and slang, I as a teenager would say that that wasn't very cool. 

You left us without an explanation. 
We only had one clue, and it was all about temptation. 
You gave in, to someone who wasn't entirely yours. 
When you were cought, lies flowed through all of your thick heavy pores. 
I was in shock and in disbelieve. 
Maybe if you had confessed, we would have felt some amount of relief. 

Still you were quiet. Went somewhere and stayed clear out of view. 
In time, we found out were you where, from someone we hardly new. 
You stayed put and refused to come back. 
We tried all means but you acted as though you were being attacked. 

I miss the old you. 
I miss the thoughtful things you used to do. 
You have no idea what we're going through. 
Now I've  just been hearing things and  hoped that they were not true. 
I feel betrayed, for you have been keeping secrets from us. 
There is now very little loyalty left and most of  

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