July 12, 2012
Ten months ago it was hard to breathe
tears clouded my sight, i could barely see
I tried to keep going but i felt so alone
then you said a simple "hey" to me but a light in my life glowed

we started talking and i began to trust you
i told you things that nobody knew
you kept my secrets, didnt tell a soul
youre a part of me now, you make me whole

It physically hurts me when we dont talk
a pain in my chest that goes on and on
my head starts pounding and the room goes dim
my outlook on life gets really grim

youre the one person i know will never judge me to my face
when im walking with you, i know my place
i love it when you hug me 'cause your arms are nice and strong
i dont know what comes over me but when i see you i feel like i belong

youre the best thing thats ever happened to me
and i dont ever want you to leave me
i couldnt stand it if you did,
you have my heart, and its key

thank you for standing by my side
together, working through my depression, i know we will find my pride
youre my best friend in the world and i love you to death
i hope you'll stay with me forever, until the very end

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