Farther In the End

July 29, 2008
By Ava Syng, Peoria, AZ

You and I used to be
But now we are no more
Because my conscience is so guilty
Our love is hidden behind a door

Many say there is no such thing
As love when we are so young
But now I am forever wandering
Without air to fill my lungs

Would you say that my fate is fair
When others knock upon your door
I am forced to watch, as if I don’t care
No, I’d say my fortune is quite poor

My love, I will forever wait
And never linger far away
Hopefully, before it’s too late
I will finally be able to say

How badly I did regret
Leaving you long ago
And how I would have never let
You free if I had known

How strong my feelings truly were
But now we are condemned to be just friends
Closer than we once were
Yet farther in the end

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