you bring out the power in me

July 29, 2008
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You approach me
And I fall,
I fall to my knees in pain.
You speak to me
And I shake,
I shake and my body is exhausted.
You throw a battle at me,
And I fail,
I fail, so that I end up punishing myself,
Punishing myself with regret and disappointment.
You bring out the weakness in me.
You come back,
And I stand.
You tell me to sit,
In a cold, paralyzing voice.
I stand,
And don’t waver, not once.
You bring out the stubbornness in me.
You laugh,
A mocking laugh.
I retreat back,
Slowly, cautiously.
You laugh harder,
Making an ominous glow reflect off your skin.
I look up,
Then move forward.
You bring out the aggressiveness in me.
You pause,
Amazed at my actions.
I keep moving forward,
Gradually, but I move forward.
You throw me another battle,
I stumble,
But regain my balance.
You bring out the strength in me.
I keep moving forward,
You move back.
You question me,
I slide,
But soon I get back up.
I move forward,
You move forward,
Then you move back.
The battle will never end,
But someday it may,
Because you bring out the power in me.

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