The Newspaper

July 29, 2008
By Adria Wiedrich, Farmington, NY

Draw your own conclusions
On the back of yesterdays newspaper
Heavy with the weight of problems
You didn’t read about and therefore
Don’t have to worry about
Because you are drowning
In your own problems
That come in mounting numbers to surface and
Come up for air
Gasping for breath but still fighting
Still hanging on
They struggle for the right to survive
While you strive to quench them with
Your efforts that you know
Are in vain
But fight on, brave warrior
Your time will come
When the problems
Will sink to their knees in defeat
And acknowledge you as master
But beware, noble champion
You may regret your victory
Your obstacles may be more welcome
Than you think
They may be a welcome relief
A welcome excuse
A welcome wall
Blocking your path
Forcing you to sigh and go back the way you came
And fall back into the easy way out
And pick up yesterday’s newspaper
With the problems that you don’t need to read about
And therefore don’t need to worry about

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