Dust Off the Music

July 29, 2008
By Adria Wiedrich, Farmington, NY

Dust off the music
Take out the baton
Open the case in a rush
Of harmony
Of notes intertwined
With air and excitement
Of melodies untouched
For far too long

The flag of the eighth note
Has a thick layer of dust now
Wipe it off, clean it off
Its now a quaver not an eighth
Quavers are much brighter and cleaner
And dust free
And they intertwine with the whole notes
And the semiquavers
And the Quasihemidemisemiquaver
Has too many ledges to dust off
And you need to reach way in
With just a few fingers
To get in the corners

And dust gathers on the beams
And the rests
And gathers in the bellies of the slurs
And slips off the edges of the notes
But stays on the
Till you blow off the music
Dust off the music
In a rush
Of harmony

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