July 29, 2008
By Amy Terracciano GOLD, Madison, New Jersey
Amy Terracciano GOLD, Madison, New Jersey
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The dark slowly closes in,
blocking out the light,
the light of freedom, of love.
Replacing it with a fog,
a dense fog of hatred.
The dark creeps in,
suffocating the girl,
drowning her in herself.
she twists and turns,
the dark holds her still,
pressing her bones,
with pressure of anger.
She fights back,
as she reaches her hand out,
out into the world.
It squirms and tremors,
but no one takes it,
or notices it.
The girl pulls it back in,
scared of her hand,
the hand of evil, of confidence.
The dark grows closer,
sealing away all escapes.
She looks around and around,
seeing nothing but her dead.
With all her strength,
she struggles to the top.
Gasping for a breath,
a breath of escape,
but, her lungs fill with the air,
the blood of the cruel,
making her lungs collapse,
amongst her ribs.
She sinks back,
unable to think,
unable to believe,
her eyes shut.
The dark closes off the spaces.
She speaks.
She listens.
She mourns.
The world opens it eyes,
fluttering each eyelid,
slowly and hesitantly,
it reaches out an untrusting,
but worthy hand.
She reaches for it,
but its too late,
the dark has swallowed her in.

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This article has 1 comment.

mia said...
on Dec. 23 2008 at 6:24 pm
Wow this is really good.. i love all of your work..i wish you would be published in the magazien because you express such wonderful emotions and create beautiful and strong imagery


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