July 29, 2008
By Salamatu Janneh, Woodbridge, VA

Your love is like a belladonna,
Straight from the devils garden.
Temptation never looked sweeter.

You waltzed into my soul,
Then you trotted out my heart.
I must admit that it was quite a beautiful dance.

Your so poisonous,
But yet I long for more of you.
The more toxins the better.

You look so delicious,
Like the berries of the Belladonna.
Poisonous, indeed, but yet so good.

I want to stop tasting you,
Loving you, kissing you, missing you.
It’s almost impossible to stop.

You come and come again,
To use and abuse me.
I give in to you.

Your dilated pupils,
Makes our stare so much more intense.
I feel myself drawn to you.

You are my lethal amount of Belladonna.
Straight from the devils garden.
Temptation at its best.

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