July 29, 2008
By Renee Taylor, Medina, OH

Your death
Is an example of ripples in the water,
When the stone breaks the surface, it sinks down,
Drowning uncontrollably
As the water mourns its victim
And spreads his memory
For all to remember.
Just like when you left
We remembered you
Only you, unline the stone
That is thrown down by some tragedy of time
You threw yourself into your fatal river
A tragedy self-inflicted.
Still, the water mourned your loss.
We all heard its whispers.
Memories of your legendary beauty,
Inside and out,
How you sang with the feelings that made you give up,
Spending your days with the angel,
That you left, for my benefit.
Did you miss her that much?
God, I feel so guilty.
But now you’re an angel yourself,
And you’re free.
But we still ride the waves of your memory.
The water will always mourn.


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