The Black Death Survival Poem

July 9, 2012
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All serfs and lords
In the Dark Ages
Don’t let the rats get you
Because they’re contagious

These five rules are simple
You don’t need a cat
Even if you have to
Get rid of a rat

Rule #1
Clean every crumb
You don’t want disease
Making you numb

Rule #2
Wash your apparel
Before Protista’s
In your laundry barrel

Rule #3
Get a good bath
Don’t know how much water?
Too bad, do the math!

Rule #4
Don’t pick your toes
It won’t get you mates
And the dirt is gross

Rule #5
Don’t shake hands
I know we meet people
We all make new friends

So when you are worried
This message rings a bell don’t read English!
Just Celtic and Welsh!

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