Memory's Lane

July 29, 2008
By Samrach Phon, Clinton, CT

Memory’s Lane
Small daydreams of those moments
Hurt me dearly
Because they would never happen again.

Time has moved my feet;
Not my soul,
Not my pain.

The sun keeps me warm
During the day.
At night,
The moon pulls the waves of my soul.

The money in my pocket
Keeps me content.
The receipt tells me that
I can always return.

The mirror on the wall
Shows my young face.
The fake flowers above me tells me that
Not everything dies.

The music heard around me
Tells me to never stop moving.
The facts of life
Keep telling me to slow down.

As I look around at my small world,
I wander place to place;
Only hoping to see something interesting,
Only hoping to see what I want,
Only hoping to return everything back to what it use to be…

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