Truly Strong

July 29, 2008
Nothing fades like early childhood memories
Forcing us to hold the ones we keep so dearly
A symbol of the great American fear
To lose what little you have, despite insignificance

In this way I am afraid to lose passion
An explosive haeart to make things right
An inflamed desire to love and cherish the needs
Of those who lost those very memories I hold

In a counter-clockwise reverse thought I am jealous
Selfishly I wish people would reach to me
But why would they if I have it together
But what is togetherness as I feel it fade

On the surface strength is easy to fake
Yet the truly strong peer into hearts
And see the truth that hides behind confidence
Of weakened and broken people

Which person are you or am I
The truly strong but surfacely meek
Or the despereate false confident souls
That are silently crying for help

Whichever you are please listen
For whichever I am is of little importance
Because my ability to listen is unaffected
And maybe through hearing you I become strong

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