Dead and Alive

July 29, 2008
The culture today,
Dead and Alive,
all at the same time.
As we sit at home
Watching those with "perfect" lives,
Wishing we could be them...
Though they wish to be us.
Are we really happy?
Or is it just an act?
Until we get home...
And are all alone?
Who will we be?
Ourselves? Different?
Isn't different the same?
Being ourselvves? Really?
Is there truth in that...
Or is being ourselves being the world?
Will we ever find our truth?
Or is it hidden?
Deep in our hearts?
Where is our true selves?
Where is your true self?
Are you lost or found?
Dead or Alive...
deep down inside?

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blondwakboardr55 said...
Aug. 11, 2008 at 11:21 pm
This is powerful! And amazing! I love it!
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