Found Dream Girl

July 28, 2008
By Mickey Bigley, Lyndhurst, OH

I found my girl! My dream girl! Her name? Kara. I found her in science. Sitting. Her blonde hair was in my dream. Her smile is like an angel. I sat and wonder. Then there she was. Same figures from my dream. I wonder if she was it? One way to find out. I talked. Did I hesitated? No. I knew her before. Like I knew her in my dream. We talked before. But not good friends. So I talked to her again. To get closer to her. I got closer and closer to her like fishing. From every sentence we spoke. Closer and closer. The more I knew her. Then finally I found my girl! Kara is my one. No doubts there's no such thing as perfect. But she's good enough for me. She's on my mind every seconds. I'll never get tired of it. She's everywhere with me. In my heart. Same to her. I'll never forget chasing her in my mind like astronauts chasing moon. I'll keep my memories and promises like the skies keep its stars. I see her everyday in and out of my mind. When I go out to see the sun. I see your hair. Hair is part of your face. Face is part of your identities. And these identities have great personalities. She gave love and care. I'll love and cherish her everyday. No matter what. Am I too young to say love. Yes I am. But the way we are. I'm not mentally young. We believe we'll never fight and be together for a long time. How do I know? From talking!

The author's comments:
You found my other Poem Yay!

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