Sweet Massacre

July 28, 2008
By Laura Copfer, Seattle, WA

Sweet surrender that calls me when he is near.
Sweet intoxication that drives away all my fears.
Sweet morphine that eases my merciless pain.
Sweet deception that has all reality detained.
Sweet savage heart that roams wild and free.
Sweet perfection I so long to be.
Sweet music that soothes the stress of my life.
Sweet friends that live to stab you in the back with a knife.
Sweet razor blade kiss that touches skin.
Sweet blood that releases my every sin.
Sweet suicide that's always there by my side.
Sweet darkness that gives me a place to run and hide.
Sweet arms of my love that live only to hold.
Sweet warmth of his touch that saves me from the cold.
Sweet angel of death that calls me by name.
Sweet high that's the source of all my shame.
Sweet laughter that never let's me cry.
Sweet love that will never let me die.
Sweet whispers that play inside my mind.
Sweet life that is taken when they leave us behind.
Sweet manipulation that loves to toy with my heart.
Sweet distrust that drives our love apart.
Sweet poison running across my lips.
Sweet seduction that lives in your every kiss.

The author's comments:
I am a hopepless romantic/emotionally disturbed teenage girl. My heart is in the hands of someone else and he is ripping it apart.

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