July 28, 2008
By Haley Osborn, Lyndon Station, WI

Everybody needs more lies.
Lies of a world, of a place that doesn't exist.
Everyone lives in lies, no one is real.
The true face is always hidden.
People pretend to be flawless, pretend to have the perfect life.
They pretend to live a life that has never existed.
There comes a time when you realize such things.
When they realize that everyone is a fool, hidding.
Unable to find themselves, lost in the lies of the world.
Discovering that no one is real, no truth is real.
When it is realized everything has faded and disappeared till only the masks remain.
When only the masks remain, time has become lost.
And no one can escape the lies.
Escape the mask that now rules over their lives.
Only they dont care.
They have lived for so long beneath the masks, they can no longer survive without.
Without lies, without being someone else.
Someone that they never were.
A world of truth has never existed.
It is a figment lost in time that never was and never will be realized.
A world built on lies with on truth, that is the world we live in.
It is a world filled with masks.

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