June 30, 2012
By Selemi BRONZE, High Point, North Carolina
Selemi BRONZE, High Point, North Carolina
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I used to think that you were mine
That you secretly loved me and me alone
But being blind, I ignored the signs
That your supposed warm heart was actually stone

I cannot believe I didn't see the truth
You didn't love me, I was misled
Silly me in unhardened youth
The love we had was all in my head

You love another, that much is clear
Whether she loves you, I do not care
Despite all this, you're very near
Now I know, of you I must beware

You could very well sneak in
To my head and my dreams
And my fragile heart, again win
Everything is not as it seems

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about being misled in love. Sometimes its unintentional, and sometimes its crafted in your head. The poem here is about someone who deluded themselves into thinking someone loved them. When faced wtih truth, we'd rather have lies. The narrator here speaks of what it feels like to be delt the truth. To realize that your love is unrequited and that you deluded yourself into thinking it wasn't is hard to come to terms with. This poem fits my theme because imagining and creating a fantasy of love and having it crushed is hard to deal with. Love can make you do strange things and when you realize what you've done; it can be embarrasing and humiliating.

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