July 28, 2008
By Yazzy Boiragee, Arlington, VA

from the gardens of Eden where we began
that was plan,
that i don't understand,
because we are the musical clan.
prophets of mother earth
between the fire and the hearth,
the earth.
upon which there is the turmoil,
on the soil,
the bubbling boils,
the anarchy to the royal.
we see the world change,
a familiar land to one so strange,
lands of Africa at a range.
it feels surreal,
to feel,
this pain is real.
then there is love and those kind,
in you it winds,

the hearts smacks,
it whacks,
the feeling is gone,
reality is the song.

so which one is yours?

The author's comments:
Sort of a freestyle poetry slam piece.

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