Alice, Alone For Now

July 28, 2008
By Emily Kershner, Hamburg, PA

Eaten up by blackness,
I sit alone in the dark
Pictures of that shaggy-haired boy
Tug lightly at my heart

I’ve never seen him in the light
I haven’t heard his voice outside my dreams
Still I know him, it seems
His face is all that comforts me
When loneliness screams

In this darkness
Each second
Slips away from my grasp
It doesn’t matter, though, I know
The pictures say the shadows won’t last

When the boy is not occupying my thoughts
With other pictures, I’m overwrought
Sometimes I see a cheerful little family
In their happiness, they know nothing of me

And so, while I wait to see these faces
I hug my knees and think of other places
Dreaming of kisses and warm embraces
Soon, I think, the gloom will be gone
Soon, the looming night will to turn to dawn

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