Who Knew?

July 28, 2008
By Jaleesa Perrine, Bowie, MD

Tell me who knew that loving you could hurt so much?
who knew that trying to hate you would hurt just as much?
Who knew that thinking of us way back when would bring tears to my eyes and my heart to skip a few beats?
Who knew?
Who knew that seeing you would send pain lurching in the pit of my stomach?
who knew that one person could cry as many tears as I in these last few weeks?
who knew?
surely someone must have known...
certainly someone could have warned me about the dangers...
Someone had to know
to know that losing someone you love because of your own foolish folly would bring you to your knees begging someone, anyone for a release from this grief
An emancipation of this afliction known only as "love"
who knew?
Because I didn't


The author's comments:
i wrote this poem while listening to the end of the song Who Knew? by Pink. i was thinking of relationship i was in a while ago

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